DIY: How To Hang Christmas Lights Without Damaging Siding & Shingles

Christmas Lights

It’s that time of year again! Your relatives are coming into town, everyone is shopping and wrapping gifts, and the baker in the house is compiling a grocery list of weird ingredients you only use annually. The holidays are definitely the LAST time you want to puncture your siding, gutters, or shingles with nails while hanging up Christmas lights. Trust us, nothing kills the holiday spirit quite like a leak in your beautiful home. So, here are a few tips for safely hanging Christmas lights on your house:

Tip 1: Make Sure They Work.

Even brand new lights can get damaged in the box. Before you climb up that ladder and do all that work, make sure your lights actually light.

Tip 2: Use A Solid Ladder.

The only thing worse than Christmas in a leaky house would be Christmas in the hospital. Follow any instructions and read all warning labels on your ladder. It’s also wise to do projects like this with a partner so that should you need help, someone is nearby to assist.

Tip 3: No Nails Allowed! Just Clips.

A nail puncturing your siding or roof creates an opening for water, rust, and mold. Any kind of puncture in your home exterior will compromise the integrity of your house. Some outdoor Christmas lights come with light clips, or you can buy them separate. They should easily attach your light strands to your gutter or shingles, and are cheap to buy.

Tip 4: Conserve Power With A Timer.

Plug your Christmas lights into a Timer. Some are equipped with light sensors so your lights automatically turn on at dusk. Others allow you to program when you want your lights to turn on and off, so they don’t accidentally get left on all night long.

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!

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