Houston BBB Warns Of Roofing Contractor Scams

Texas Roofing Scam Blog Series

As fall approaches, The Houston BBB is warning homeowners to watch out for these home improvement scams circulating around local neighborhoods: Heating Maintenance: Before doing business with a heating contractor, be familiar with the model you own and its maintenance history. Make sure to check that the contractor’s licensing required by the state of Texas at the Texas Department of Licensing … Read More

How To Keep Squirrels Out Of Your Attic & Avoid Roof Damage

Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!  Yes, January 21 is the official day on which we honor our furry (and sometimes pesky) little friends. However, if squirrels are damaging your roof, eating away at your siding, destroying attic insulation, or setting up shop in your home, you may have a hard time appreciating these busy little rodents.