Roof Maintenance Plans

Periodic inspections and routine maintenance to catch problems before they escalate can significantly increase the life of your roof, and save you thousands in emergency repairs. If you have an older roof, but aren’t ready to replace it yet, a maintenance plan is the ideal way to help prevent the expense and hassle of leaks and other damage.

Roof Inspections & Reports

Our Free Roof Inspections help you understand the current condition of your roof, any existing issues, and its estimated remaining lifespan. This knowledge empowers you to plan and budget for any roof repairs or roof replacement projects. Our Free Roof Inspections include a Maintenance Package customized to your roof’s specific needs. Once existing deficiencies have been addressed, we con continue to assess your property on an annual basis.

Annual Maintenance Programs

Our Annual Maintenance Program provides you with an annual roof assessment to update the serviceable life of your roof with a live yearly forecasting. No contract required! We simply schedule an assessment once per year and call ahead with a reminder. You won’t be billed unless we confirm the appointment and provide the service. Our roof assessments are $250 per year for buildings up to 25,000 square feet, with an additional $100 for each additional 10,000 square feet.

ENCOMPASS Integrated Roof Management System

All our roof assessments are electronically filed in our online client portal which can be easily accessed through our website. This tool provides a comprehensive view of your roof assessments as well as invoices for any services we provide. Customers who participate in 1st Choice Roofing’s Annual Maintenance Program will be issued a user name and password to access this client portal.

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Our Maintenance Programs are ideal for Business Roofing and Industrial Roof Systems. From restaurants to office buildings, our Commercial Roofing Team can help your protect your business and property.

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