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How To Keep Squirrels Out Of Your Attic & Avoid Roof Damage

Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day! Yes, January 21 is the official day on which we honor our furry (and sometimes pesky) little friends. However, if squirrels are damaging your roof, eating away at your siding, destroying attic insulation, or setting up shop in your home, you may have a hard time appreciating these busy little rodents.

Here are a few tips for keeping squirrels out of your attic:

  • Inspect your home for holes (even small openings) around your roof, siding, gutters, and architectural features on an annual or semi-annual basis. An adult squirrel can squirm through a 1.5″ opening, and smaller critters like mice and bats are even more adept at squeezing through tight spots. Don’t forget to also inspect around your chimney, drier vents, sofit vents, etc.. If you’d like a thorough and professional inspection, call us for a FREE roof analysis at 281-378-2431.
  • Repair any damage. If you do find small holes and spaces that could provide pest entry points, you’ll want to get them professionally repaired. While installing a new vent cover might be a DIY task for a confidently handy homeowner, you’ll want to hire a specialist to repair damaged roofing, siding, or gutters. Improperly done repairs of any features can result in roof leaks, mold, and more extensive damage. Whether your damage has been caused by animals, weather, rot, or regular wear and tear, we can help you get your home secure and beautiful again.
  • Remove easy access. By keeping trees trimmed and branches away from your roof you’ll accomplish two objectives. Firstly, you’ll be removing easy access to your roof for rodents and insects. Secondly, you’ll be trimming back branches that could whip against your house during a storm, resulting in gutter and roof damage … or worse. Needless to say, a strong enough whack from a branch during a storm could be the thing that loosens siding or roofing just enough for a squirrel to find their way inside.

Of course, before you conduct any repairs on your home, you’ll want to make certain that animals haven’t already taken up residence in your home. The last thing you want is to invest in repairs, only to have a squirrel expire in your attic, or relocate downstairs! We can help you inspect your property for signs of infestation, and if squirrels or other animals are found, you’ll need to hire an animal control expert to remove the intruders from your property.

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