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Storm Damage Repair

Emergency services are available in the case of compromising damage or roof leaks.
We will meet with your insurance adjustor and be your advocate during the inspection process.
We will review your insurance claim to ensure that you get a fair assessment.

Here in in The Greater Houston area, we experience a lot of destructive weather. Between hail, flooding, hurricanes, high winds, and tornadoes, your home is bound to take a beating at one point or another. When it does, make sure you contract with the best storm damage repair experts in the area.

  • Storm Damage Repair Houston

    After a tree fell on this home, 1st Choice repaired the roof, siding, and structural damage.

  • Storm Damage Repair Tomball

    After a tree fell on this home, 1st Choice repaired the roof, siding, and structural damage.

Why Use A General Contractor for Storm Damage? That’s Simple:

  • Your 360° General Contractor

    Instead of hiring multiple contractors and juggling an overwhelming assortment of projects, contacts, contracts, and invoices, rest assured that 1st Choice Roofing & Construction can handle any and all damage that Mother Nature inflicts on your home and surrounding property. We’re your all-in-one home repair and improvement team, from the top of your chimney to your patio pavement.

  • Storm Damage Documentation

    During our FREE storm damage inspection, we’ll carefully assess and catalog damage across your entire property – from the top of your chimney to your outlying fence – complete with photo documentation. We’ll then work with your home insurance company to make sure they agree to pay for all the repairs they’re contractually obligated to over.

  • Filing An Insurance Claim

    We’re very experienced in helping our clients file insurance claims, and we’re familiar with the tactics many agents and insurance companies use to reduce their expenses at your expense.

  • Timely & Effective Storm Damage Repair

    When storms do their worst, you need a contractor who can get the job done fast, before weather, animals, and insects get the chance to exacerbate your damage. We’re here to protect your home and your family every day. Mother Nature doesn’t take weekends and evenings off, so neither do we!

Storm Damage Repair: Not Just Your Roof

  • When trees fall, tornadoes touch down, hail pelts, and winds tear, it’s not just your roof that takes a beating. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of home repair experts to handle any damage Mother Nature can dish out.
  • Storm Damage Detail

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“Their estimate coincided with our insurance company’s, and they worked well with our company. They were quick and cleaned up well.”Doug, YP Reviewer

Damage Repair:

Roofing Products
Gutter Installation
Painting: Exterior & Interior
Siding Repair & Replacement
Windows & Doors
Fences & Gates

We’ll be your advocate to document storm damage throughout your property, and help ensure your homeowner’s insurance covers all relevant claims.

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