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SCAM ALERT: TDI Warns Texans Against Roofers Who Offer To Waive Insurance Deductible

CBS DFW reports that following heavy April hail damage, they’re receiving reports of roofing scams. “Storm Chasers,” as they’re called, descend upon any area that’s been hit with heavy storm damage, sometimes offering legitimate services, but often scamming or delivering shoddy workmanship. Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) investigator Kyle Pisula says that some unscrupulous roofers have been offering to waive the homeowners insurance deductible.

“That money has to come from somewhere,” warned Pisula, and noted that the “no deductible deal” could lead a roofer to commit insurance fraud by over-billing the insurance company. “In the strictest sense, yes, the homeowner at that point could be an accomplice to the insurance fraud.”

While Pisula said that TDI would most likely not prosecute an unknowing homeowner, Texans need to be aware that a fraudulent roofer could put them in a very serious legal situation. But an offer to waive an insurance deductible isn’t the only red flag Texans should look for to avoid a roofing scam artist.

“It’s important they know who is on their roof,” Pisula said.

1st Choice Roofing & Construction will be publishing a series of articles here on our blog with tips and advice about how to spot a storm chaser or roofing scam, and what to do if you encounter one.

For more on this news story, check out CBS DFW.

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